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Ali's Dream is proud to be a driving force behind the establishment of a national charity - Brain Tumour Research

Brain Tumour Research represents the united campaign voice of the Brain Tumour Research group of charities.  Established in 2008, the charity was launched specifically to raise substantial funds for brain tumour research and operates as a separate entity to the member charities. Its mission is to raise at least £7 million per annum in order to accelerate progress significantly in UK brain tumour research, to make a clinical difference and to improve the outcomes for brain tumour patients.

Whilst continuing their separate work and remaining true to their own objectives, member charities are committed to work together to achieve a common goal to raise funds for research into discovering the causes, advancing treatments and ultimately finding a cure.

In the UK, 16,000 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year with more children and people under the age of 40 dying of a brain tumour than any other cancer. Tragically five year survival remains at 12% for males and 15% for females – yet brain tumour research is woefully under-funded!

Funds raised will be allocated to existing UK centres where brain tumour research is already carried out.  Subject to peer review, funds will be granted following an invitation for applications.


Together we will make a difference

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Everyone working for Ali's Dream is voluntary, therefore every penny donated goes directly towards research into finding a cure.

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Andreas Gift - Yorkshire:
Brain Tumour research and support for children and adults throughout Yorkshire

Andrea's Gift was formalised in June 2002 following the loss of great friend and colleague Andrea Key at the age of 42, just eight months after diagnosis. An active lady throughout her life, Andrea left a partner and two teenage children.

With Andrea's support and backing fundraising began early 2002 to establish a laboratory and dedicated brain tumour research centre in Yorkshire. In addition the charity seeks to provide equipment for brain tumour patients and provide respite care for patients and relatives.

They are currently part funding a research project at St James hospital and early results are very encouraging.

Carol Robertson (Chair) - Tel: 01943 870770

Anna's Hope - National:
Assistin the rehabilitation of children and young people who have suffered from a brain tumour or who have had brain surgery and support the funding of research into the causes, treatment and cure of childhood brain tumours.

Robert and Carole Hughes - Tel: 01780 740492

Brain and Spine Foundation - National:
Prevention, treatment and care of people affected by disorders of the brain and spine

The brain and spine foundation was set up in 1992 to develop research, education and information programmes aimed at improving prevention, treatment and care of people affected by disorders of the brain and spine and to stimulate the greater allocation of resources across all neurological disorders.

Information is provided in the form of booklets, a helpline and their website, including Headstrong - all about brain tumours designed for children aged between 7-12 years.

Since 1995 they have ran an active research programme, supporting a number of innovative projects and have spent over £1m on 15 projects covering a wide range of subjects including brain tumours.

Helpline - Tel: 0808 808 1000

Brain Tumour Research Campaign
- London:
Funding the set up of a research centre of excellence at Charing Cross Hospital

Set up in September 2003, under the auspices of the Way Ahead Charity, recognising the fact that there is currently no effective cure for malignant brain tumours and that patient survival has not changed appreciably over the last few decades.

Vision: To raise public awareness of the need for brain tumour research and the lack of funding that currently exists by a series of fundraising events and applications for research grants among corporate and medical bodies

Mission: To fund a multi-tiered research project to improve our understanding of brain tumour biology and improve current treatment strategies

Strategy: A combined programme of research and use of state of the art clinical equipment bringing together the skills of clinicians in the Department of Neurosurgery at Charing Cross Hospital and the Division of Neurosciences at Imperial College London.

Wendy Fulcher - Tel: 020 8601 2402

Brainwaves - Northern Ireland:
Providing information and support for Brain Tumour patients their families and carers

Brainwaves' was set up in 1994 by Billy Ferguson a brain tumour patient who responded to an appeal by Pam Wilson another brain tumour patient at the Royal Victoria - Belfast.

Both had discovered that there was no support available. Brainwaves' remains the only charity to provide support for Brain Tumour Patients in Northern Ireland, they provide information booklets and support through monthly meetings and home and hospital visits.

In addition they provide financial support through one-off grants and invite patients and carers on outings, events and holidays.

They have donated money to the Royal Victoria Hospital Brain Tumour Research Appeal and have also distributed information packs to every GP practice in Northern Ireland.

Kate Ferguson - Tel: 028 9337 2505
Website: (Under Construction)

BTA - Brain Tumour Action - Scotland & Northern England:
Support and information for the Brain Tumour community

BTA was granted charitable status in 1993. BTA arose out of a need from Brain Tumour patients and carers attending the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh to have someone to talk to and to realise that there were other people going through the same problems and experiences as themselves. BTA's 5 aims are:-

  • Support for people diagnosed with a BT and their relatives
  • Counselling for those who wish it
  • Information on BTs
  • Education about BTs
  • Research into BTs and their treatment

They provide information leaflets, have set up support groups throughout Scotland and England and funded several research projects

Lynn Barty - Tel: 0131 466 3116

Brainstrust - National:
Explores brain tumour treatment worldwide and is developing a UK-wide strategy dedicated to improving proactive care for brain tumour sufferers.

Helen Bulbeck - Tel: 01983 292 405

Charlie's Challenge - Sussex & Kent:
Raising funds for research into children’s brain tumours

Charlie’s Challenge was established in 1993 after Charlie Boutwood, then aged 20 months, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Against the odds he has made a remarkable recovery and is now enjoying life to the full, which in itself is a great inspiration to help find a cure for the less fortunate.

Money is raised through fund raising events and donations and Charlie’s Challenge ensures that every penny received is spent on worthwhile research into children’s brain tumours.

The charity’s objective is to improve the outlook for children with brain tumours

? To fund research
? To raise awareness
? To cure this dreadful disease

Having originally contributed to various brain tumour research projects, in 2000 Charlie’s Challenge was able to fund an entire £121,000 three year research project into ependymomas at the Institute of Neurology, University College London. In 2001 it co-funded a £140,000 three year project at the University of Newcastle to develop new therapies for an improved success rate in the treatment of paediatric medulloblastomas. In 2004, it was able to continue funding research into paediatric medulloblastomas by co-funding another £163,000 three year project at the University of Newcastle.

Charlie’s Challenge is also proud to have helped finance a £200,000 time-lapse microscopy facility at the University of Portsmouth.

Tel: Nigel Boutwood - 01825 872508

Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre - East Midlands:
Every year in the UK, 450 children are diagnosed with a brain tumour. We think that's 450 too many

Championed by David Walker and Jonathan Punt, who recognised that childhood tumours are neglected and under funded, they persuaded Nottingham University to adopt their cause in 1997.

Effort is concentrated in the East Midlands and they have national coverage. To date the centre has raised almost £1m towards its target of £1.25 million.

Objectives: Using both science and medicine

  • To understand tumours better
  • To provide better treatment

Emma Roberts - Tel: 0115 951 3724

Ellie Savage Memorial Trust
- East Anglia:
Brain Tumour research and the support of children with cancer in East Anglia

Ellie was born on 23rd September 1988 along with her twin sister Cassie, together with older brother Adam and younger sister Natalie the Savage family was complete.

This changed dramatically in December 2001 when, after suffering epileptic fits for 2 months, a scan showed that Ellie had a brain tumour. Following a 6 hour operation, a biopsy revealed she has a grade 4 glioblastoma multiform, a most aggressive form of brain cancer. Ellie died on 11th November 2002 aged just 14.

The Ellie Savage Memorial Trust was founded in February 2003 to provide support to families who find themselves in a similar situation.

The aims of the charity are:

  • Support to families who have a child with cancer or a brain tumour
  • Access to relevant information
  • To raise awareness of this devastating disease
  • To fund research into brain tumours

Wendy Savage - Tel: 01502 539509

Hammer Out - Bristol:

Raising awareness, funding research and providing support to the Brain Tumour community in the South West
Hammer Out was started in March 2002 as a small fundraising group to raise awareness of brain tumours and the needs of those affected by them as well as raising money for brain and cancer related charities.

The name "Hammer Out" was created out of founder member Paul Mitchell's avid support of his football team West Ham 'The Hammers' United - hence the claret and blue theme. Paul was diagnosed with a grade IV glioblastoma brain tumour in July 2001 and died in January 2003, leaving his wife Tina (co-founder) and young son John.

Hammer Out is now being launched as a registered charity.  While continuing to support the original aims, this will also give Hammer Out the opportunity to raise funds for very specific purposes.  One such project is to establish support groups for people with brain tumours, their families and carers.  The first of these groups has already been set up in the Bristol area.

Hammer Out would like people experiencing the shock and bewilderment of the diagnosis of brain tumours to know that they are not alone and have others to turn to.

Tina Mitchell Skinner - Tel: 01454 414355

Levi's Star

Supports children with brain tumours. It is also their wish to raise awareness about the symptoms of brain tumours, a truly devastating disease and supports established research projects.

Vicky Ringer - Tel: 07971 932610

The Diana Ford Trust

Fundraising to purchase equipment to be installed in research centres to understand the cause of, and find treatments for, all forms of brain tumours.

Re-registered as Brain Tumour Research in 2008.

Sandy Saunders - Tel: 07931 518660