Following the loss of Ali, our family and friends set up the charity 'Ali's Dream' with the purpose to fund research into:

  • Discovering the causes of childhood brain tumours
  • Advancing treatments, and
  • Finding a cure.

When Ali was diagnosed we were shocked to discover:

  • How long it took to have her brain tumour diagnosed
  • How little research and funding is allocated to the fight against brain tumours
  • Funding relies entirely on charities such as ours.

We have been astonished to find that in the UK alone, 5,000 children and adults are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year, and this number has grown increasingly over the last thirty years. The awful truth is, that due to a lack of funding, brain tumours have now overtaken leukaemia as the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK.

We have since met other families, touched by brain tumours, and are now even more determined to keep going in the hope of stopping others suffering in the same way.

We have also started a United Brain Tumour Campaign with other UK Brain Tumour Charities to raise awareness and achieve our common goals.

Ali's Dream needs your help in the fight against childhood brain tumors by way of donation. If you would like to help us in this fight, please click on the button below and donate using Just Giving.

It only takes a minute and will help us more than you can imagine in our battle against this dreadful illness.

Everyone working for Ali's Dream is voluntary, therefore every penny donated goes directly towards research into finding a cure.

Please click on the button below.