Ali's Dream charity was set up by Alison Phelan's family and friends to raise funds for research into discovering the causes, advancing treatments and finding a cure for childhood brain tumours.

Sadly this was spurred on by the loss of Alison at the beginning of June 2001, three weeks before her eighth birthday. Ali was diagnosed with a brain tumour in August 2000. Her family did not give up hope, exploring many avenues to find their miracle cure. They discovered that there is very little research being undertaken in this particular cancer area. The chances of finding a cure in the next five years are very remote. What's more, after accidents, brain tumours are now the biggest cancer killer of children under fifteen.

Having lost Ali, the family are united in grief, but also united in the determination to do something so that a cure can be found sooner rather than later. The following have kindly agreed to be patrons: Lorraine Kelly (TV presenter), David Connolly (Republic of Ireland and Wigan footballer), Mr & Mrs Colin Montgomerie (Golfer), Susan Hampshire (Actress), Sheila Hancock (Actress)
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It only takes a minute and will help us more than you can imagine in our battle against this dreadful illness.

Everyone working for Ali's Dream is voluntary, therefore every penny donated goes directly towards research into finding a cure.

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These families have had to suffer the pain of hearing the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour for their own child. They have had to witness the pain and suffering both physically and emotionally that their child has had to endure, whilst feeling helpless as they discover that there is nothing they can do to prevent the inevitable outcome and loss of their precious child.

They have been amazed at the courage and bravery shown by one so young which inspires all who knew and loved them.

These families want to do something about it and raise much needed funds for childhood brain tumour research to stop other families suffering in the future. They have set up a fundraising group under the umbrella of Aliís Dream.

Jack's Goal

Jack DíLimaís family and friends set up Jackís Goal in January 2006, following the loss of Jack in March 2005. Money raised will go to Aliís Dream, a charity whose aim is to raise funds for research into discovering the causes, advancing treatments and finding a cure for childhood brain tumours. Beverley DíLima has been a trustee of this charity since 2003.

Jack lost his nine-year battle with a brain tumour shortly after his 10th birthday. Initially diagnosed when he was 15 months old in 1996, his family never gave up hope of a miracle. Yet the harsh truth is that the chances of finding a cure in the next five years are very remote as there is little research being undertaken in this particular cancer. Clinical statistics now prove that brain tumours have overtaken leukaemia as the biggest cancer killer of children under fifteen

Having lost Jack we are all united in our grief, but we are also united in our determination to work tirelessly with Aliís Dream towards finding a cure for this devastating disease sooner rather than later.

Beverley & Albert DíLima

25 valley Avenue, North Finchley, London, N12 9PG
Tel: 0208 445 1740

Read Jackís Story – click here

Ellie's Fund

'Ellie's Fund' was set up after the death of 14 year old Ellie Othick-Bowmaker. 

During the 3 years that she fought her own 2 brain tumours, Ellie helped to raise over £25,000 for various charities, including over £5,000 for Aliís Dream through the sale of her CD and a song that was written just for her.

She inspired many people to join in her fundraising.

And that's what we want to do too. Ellie's legacy is the money that will be used to help others. We are determined that her name and her memory will be kept alive through much, much more fund-raising.

We are raising funds for research into the cause of childhood brain tumours and money for research into treatment.

So please, have a look at our site, read Ellie's inspiring story, and be inspired - to do your own sponsored event - or to donate.

Heather Othick

15 Pinfold Close, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6UZ
Tel: 01723 351456

Read Ellieís Story – click here

Help get Ellie into the charts and raise awareness and funds for childhood brain tumour research click here to watch the video of Scalby School singing Over the Rainbow / Wonderful World Click here to download from Amazon – proceeds to Ellieís Fund and Aliís Dream.

See the video on YouTube here

Download from Amazon here